In the very
heart of Berlin’s
Mitte district

Live where art, culture and style awareness are part of everyday life. Where the big decisions in business and politics are made. Where an exciting mix of boutiques, trendy bars and gourmet restaurants attracts creative people - that's where the JOUX is located.

Why seek
far afield?

Concept stores, trend restaurants and stylish cafés shape the street scene around JOUX – as do an array of boutiques, inspiring highbrow culture, and business.

Berlin’s Mitte

Art, culture and great food

Be it design, galleries, club scene and high culture - or business and politics: It all happens in Berlin’s Mitte district. Here, new trends, hotspots and currents are created. Berlin is the city of freedom, contrasts and creativity. Those who live here are part of the great events and have their finger on the pulse of our time.

It’s always been
out of the ordinary

A location steeped
in history

Architects have a term for the uniqueness of a place: its genius loci. In the case of AM TACHELES, that special spirit is closely bound up with the location’s long and colourful history.

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Discover, experience,
be inspired

Countless galleries, cultural hotspots, extravagant fashion labels and creative restaurants make Berlin’s Mitte district so special. Here, something new pops up each day, and it’s bound to be unique too.

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An extraordinary place for living, working, shopping, art and culture. The new AM TACHELES quarter will be a new landmark destination in the heart of Berlin. It’s a cosmopolitan addition to the city, designed in line with the architectural masterplan created by Pritzker Prize winners Herzog & de Meuron.

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Amenities and services that offer maximum comfort and extraordinary extras makes living in JOUX special every day.

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